In 2009, the Meggrolls™ was born! Created by Meghan Baroody, the delightfully tasty and filling signature Meggroll product was initially just one of Meghan’s unique creations that quickly became popular among friends and family. As her culinary reputation spread, Meghan began to receive requests to cater small house parties, neighborhood gatherings, and baby showers. Increased product demand led to Meghan buying a food truck in 2013, renting kitchen space, and going mobile.

Vending on the streets gained momentum as well as requests for large catering gigs with the truck. The solution to getting tasty meggrolls to everyone who wants them was simple – to open a brick and mortar!  

Meggrolls opened their shop in April 2017 and was thrilled to have fans, foodies and curious neighbors stop in and share the love for unique and tasty recipes. At Meggrolls, everything is made from scratch with fresh ingrediants on site. Quality ingredients are a top priority!

Meggrolls are a win, win, win – a unique, delicious, and convenient product with limitless possibilities. All your favorite flavors stuffed into one delicious, crunchy wonton: the most powerful snack in the world. You’re welcome!